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Sage Lighting Ltd. offers a full range of ballasts for OEM's, retrofit, specification, and residential markets.

Our ballasts offer the latest advanced features, including programmed start, rapid start, instant start, multi lamp, multi-watt, 12 Volt DC, 12 VAC, 120 volt, 277 V, 347 V, 220-240 Volt, universal voltage, high output lighting ballasts, and electronic HID ballasts.

Our high power factor ballasts cover the full line of fluorescent lamps including, linear, biax, compact, circline, 2-D, and T5/T8 HO high output lamps, metal halide, and we  also offer a low temperature freezer ballast for outdoor signage and refrigeration ballast  replacement.

Our ballasts carry UL, cUL, and CE certifications and also meet new RoHS guidelines.

Sage Lighting Ltd. manufactures their own line of universal voltage constant current LED drivers and constant voltage LED drivers that allow our OEM manufactures the flexibilty of using LED's in their latest designs.

With over 300 models to choose from our complete range of LED drivers covers a wide range of voltage and wattage options, 0V to 10V dimming options, triac dimming options and multi-channel options to allow greater design flexibility.

We offer custom OEM LED lighting assemblies, LED modules, LED bulbs, spotlights, MR16, MR11, strips, flexible strips, channel lights, etc.
We manufacture a superior line of dimming ballasts. Utilizing 0-10V controllers or switch activated dual level control, Sage Lighting dimmable ballasts for linear and single ended lamps allows our customers the design flexibility required by modern energy saving installations.
Sage Lighting Ltd. is a manufacturer of leading edge electronic lighting products. Based in North America for over 20 years, our products are used by major fixture manufacturers and installed in commercial projects around the world.

New! We offer LED emergency battery backup packs that are prewired for fast installation.

We offer and design unique products to fit specialty situations. We offer a range of low temperature and refridgeration ballasts and drivers as well as state of the art extra long lasting LiFePO4, lithium battery powered backup, prewired to power your led fixtures needing emergency back-up power.

At Sage Lighting our continued research allows us to develop new and innovative fluorescent, HID ballasts, and LED Drivers that are extremely reliable and which meet unique lighting situations where no other options are available.

Our superior line of innovative energy saving products for commercial, industrial and residential markets elevate and further enhance the products that can be offered by our customers.

Bonneville Power Administration
Emerald People's Utility District
Eugene Water and Electric Board
Nebraska Public Power District
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Xcel Energy
Sage Led driver catalog
Sage Led driver catalog

Led Driver Catalog including constant voltage led drivers, constant current led drivers, dimmable led drivers, programmable led drivers, and emergency back-up power packs

Led Catalog pdf
LED Driver/Emergency Battery Backup Catalog
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* LED emergency battery backup  packs that are prewired for fast installation.
* Emergency Inverter 25W 35W or 50W AC Sine Wave with Auto Select 120VAC or 277VAC Output Voltage.
Latest Electronic Ballast Catalog 2021
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